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Gine On People's Choice Award for Rock Artist of the Year 2022!

Thank you to Greg, Manager at our staunch weekly gig, and Jean, our lovely Band Manager. We couldn't have done it without you guys!

Vengeance Falls on the rise

Weekend Nation 5th May 2023

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They’ve played to “crickets and cockroaches”. They’ve come close to disbanding as the COVID-19 pandemic settled in. But that is the past. Today, local alternative/hard rock band Vengeance Falls has its sights set firmly on its future – a future bolstered by winning its second Rock Artist Of The Year Award, put on by Gine On?! People’s Choice Awards; the right personnel and the eagerly awaited, imminent release of the band’s second album. For creative director and band

Sundown Festival promises to rock your world

Weekend Nation 19th May 2023

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What’s better than one rock band on stage? Six of them in a festival that blends music, food and skateboarding. This is what the third annual Sundown Fest promises when it comes off tomorrow, at DreadHop Brewery, Gibbons, Christ Church. Sundown Fest brings together local alternative/rock

Six hours of nonstop rock ‘n’ roll

Weekend Nation 26th May 2023

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It was a rock/alternative music fan’s dream – screaming guitar riffs, pounding drums reverberating in the chest, deep pulsating bass and lead singers showing off their vocal range. And it was all original music! Not a cover tune to be heard, announcing to all and sundry that

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