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Vengeance Falls is an Alternative/Hard Rock Band from Barbados. They hold their own rock shows with the assistance of Wasteland Records, as well as play hotels, bars, festivals and weddings. They often go to Trinidad to play in shows and festivals.


Vengeance Falls was formed by the three remaining members of Standing Penance, Tearhead, Lexx and Valkyrie after their lead guitarist left. With the bassist, Valkyrie switching to lead guitar, and the addition of the new bassist Rave, they have played every arena, pasture and backyard jam there is in Barbados. The three core members have been together since 2008 and form a tight unit, with Rave fitting seamlessly into the void left by the former member.

In 2020, when a work accident severed the tendon in her right thumb, Valkyrie temporarily left the band to recover and Feedback joined the band as lead guitarist. Then, when Rave went on sabbatical later in the year, Valkyrie stepped back in as bassist.


The band has done multiple tours regionally,  completing their latest tour to Trinidad in August 2019.  The band is forced to travel outside of their native Barbados to find appreciation for their genre of music, as the majority of Barbados prefers Calypso or Reggae to Rock.

On March 8th 2020, the band was awarded Rock Artist of the Year 2019 in the annual Gine On?! People' Choice Awards.

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Lead Singer & Rhythm Guitarist

Formed Vengeance Falls with two members of his previous band Standing Penance after the Lead Guitarist left.




A long history with band leader Tearhead, having been in two previous bands with him. He can play all genres but his main love is rock.



Bassist & Backup Singer

Joined Vengeance Falls as bassist after leaving his previous band The Longest Night, he fit right in to the space left by Standing Penance’s fourth member. He is a good performer and performs the most on stage showing boundless energy.



Lead Guitarist

Previously from Jamaican band The Sky Is Broken. Stepped in for Valkyrie when she went on sabbatical.



Sound Engineer

Knows the band's sound intimately. Travels with the band to every gig, be it local or international.



 Lead Guitarist & Backup Singer

Originally the bassist for Standing Penance, she took up the lead guitarist’s spot when the remaining members formed Vengeance Falls, passing the bassist spot to new member Rave. Went on sabbatical for six months in 2018 due to a back and shoulder injury she sustained in a car accident, and again in 2020 when she severed her thumb tendon in a work accident. She was able to rejoin the band as Bassist again when Rave went on sabbatical.

On Sabbatical

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